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Awakening on the Path is an introduction to the Path Retreats work. It is a dynamic and fresh discovery into what it means to be a human being, with all its contradictions, gifts, and challenges.
Have you ever wondered…who am I underneath the distractions of daily life? Where can I find true contentment? What is the deepest longing in my heart? What is this sense of dissatisfaction? This feeling that something is missing inside, even though on the outside I might have everything?
This seminar explores these deep questions and gives answers to how we can live in greater honesty and authenticity. By allowing our feelings and trusting our hearts, we learn to live with sincerity, trust, and courage.

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This workshop will benefit people who seek to connect authentically and truthfully in relationships.
A deep exploration of the way we love, bringing important dynamics to light that create healthy relationships. The retreat is a deep exploration of the true benefits and the healing power of relationships, and also into the ideas and ideals that keep us away from love.

We explore and inquire into the many obstacles we face due to our conditioning, and develop the foundation that allows mature love to grow inside us. A love that is aware and responsible; a love that is based on respect and deep understanding.

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Dates & Locations

March 21-23, 2019, Dubai, Contact Noor @ nooral_obaidy@yahoo.com





The intention behind this unique 8-evening process is the creation of enough safe space to explore contentious themes and heal the divide between us. Through joint work, we explore barriers to a connection and build bridges based on trust and respect. The unique design and facilitation will allow you to explore and share yourself among your own, as well as the opposite sex.

Goals and Intentions of the process

  • Explore your personal and collective identity as man and woman
  • Take responsibility for healing the divide between us
  • Face and own your shadow as woman or man
  • Gain insight into ‘what healthy relating requires of me’
  • Understand the gap between your longing for relating and what you actually manifest

This 8-step process will take you through an explorative journey. The themes we will cover are our male & female identity, reclaiming essential qualities in me as a woman/ man, an exploration of judgments and beliefs towards the opposite sex, the effect of our roles on relationships, and exploring healthy dynamics of relating.

This process is for singles and couples (individually or together), who share a desire for authentic and deep relationships and seek to understand their own obstacles in creating them. The workshop is facilitated in English. No. of participants is limited

Demo on January 29th, 8-9.30pm @ Urban Shaman, TLV – The demo will give you an opportunity to experience some of the work that will take place during the process and meet/ ask questions to the facilitator.

Pricing: Regular: 1.790 ILS * Early bird until January 20th: 1.590 ILS

Process Start Feb 6th – Process Completion March 17th


Finding true self-worth

Our perception of reality is shaped by our values and beliefs, and those emerged when our consciousness was only in its infant stage. We couldn’t choose for ourselves and tried our best to be worthy of the love of those close to us. Our sense of worthiness was dependent on the feedback we received but our ability to remain authentic took a beating. We had to give up a large part of our truth to secure our belonging and feel loved.

Instead of a natural flow with life and curious nature, we developed a personality that strategizes every move. But to stay in control and safe comes at the price of hiding our true feelings and intentions. We can’t really know who we are and clearly express what we want. The manipulation that goes hand in hand with our personality makes it difficult for us to truly feel deserving of love and belonging.

In this deep and highly interesting process, you will find an intimate meeting with your sense of self-worth in a safe environment. Over the course of 3 days and 2 nights, we will gently and carefully reconnect the dots to something essential in you that gives you a sense of wholeness, courage and belonging.

Through the connection to your body and truthful speech, we embark on a journey of acceptance and self-love. A place where you have a clear sense of yourself, your essential qualities, and a strength of heart which knows its place in this world.

Techniques and work method

This process will be interactive and experiential. For every theme we cover, there will be a short theoretical introduction followed by individual or group work. Sharings, different forms of inquiry, family constellation, bio-energetics, and movement will form the basis of our work together.

Who this process is for …

This workshop will benefit people who know the limiting pain of living with shame and guilt. It is for those who want to meet and embrace parts in themselves that cause isolation in their own heart and keep them distant from others. It’s for those, who want to step into their true strength and essential nature.
Join this empowering and insightful process and create a new foundation of relating with your own self.

Dates & Location

Sofia, Bulgaria – March 1-3, Contact sofia@natalia.bg