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Essential ABC | Tools


We’ve been conditioned to be fake, split and repress many important feelings, as well as our intuition. Reclaiming our right to be authentic and finding words to express ourselves.


Making choices is often felt as a selfish act, but choices are actually acts of love (acceptance) of who we are at any given moment. Every choice we make, be it with a positive or negative outcome, helps us take a step closer to understanding who we are, and the lessons we’re here to learn. Every choice takes us closer to getting acquainted with our gifts and sharing them. Every choice we make creates a new reality and the potential for learning and growth. Not making choices can leave us feeling innocent, but no expansion originates from there.

Discovering the wounds that seek to heal in us

We often live a life of avoidance. When we don’t face the things we run away from we continue recreating the same situations. Finding out what hurts and what seeks our attention leads to finding the wounds that seek to heal.

Facilitation (instead of leadership of processes)

The work doesn’t have a specific desired outcome other than being on a learning continuous to becoming better and more integrated human beings. What that actually looks like is not clear but can be felt individually. The facilitation allows people to find their own path of discovery, at their own pace.


Life is complicated, and at times scary and confusing. But we can also feel that there is a way, a purpose, a reason why we experience certain events. Receiving guidance on this path of life allows us to step out of the narrative and see a bigger picture.


Every person comes into this life with different qualities, circumstances, potentials etc. The understanding our life’s lessons can be an important pillar, in order to focus our energy on what needs attention as opposed to what is supposed to receive our attention.

Love (not romantic love)

Our understanding of love is twisted and idealistic. It is supposed to be all-encompassing and unconditional. It is true that love is unconditional, but it has nothing to do with the romantic love we learn about. It says and sees things the way they are. That is why anger can be as loving as caring is. Understanding deeply about the way we love allows us to love deeper.

Moving beyond personality and patterns

Our body is programmed to have strong sensations that keep us locked in a tight individual reality. A truer or bigger/ vaster reality is waiting for us outside our personality and patterns we forged for decades. Life is also about moving beyond the physical experience and include realities beyond. The fruits of this would be altruism, inclusion, understanding, true tolerance.


Feeling real has an actual sensation. It provides us with an inner sense of integrity and strength. It allows us to accept who we discover inside ourselves.


This forms the basis for our ability to act and make choices. It creates a sense of empowerment when we can take it.


The shadow is what we repress, but not only the bad parts but also the good parts we were told are not worth pursuing. Women, for example, are often taught to hide their intelligence to make men not feel insecure, while for others it can be their humor, playfulness, artistic nature and so on. Embracing the shadow is a prerequisite for our sense of wholeness and worthiness.

Trusting your own words

Many voices inside us make us feel confused. Who is really talking? Over time we find ourselves saying many seemingly appropriate things without feeling the truth of them. We want to learn once again that our words can hold a true reflection of our experience, intuition, and spirit.


Speaking the truth is something we are only partially taught. We’re taught to speak the truth that suits those near to us. Speaking our truth is a gateway to growth in our lives, as it allows us to explore life as it unfolds. Our individual truth is ever changing and we need to accept that, in order to evolve in our awareness. This has nothing to do with the absolute truth.

Vulnerability and Power

Vulnerability is a form of openness and acceptance. It’s the absence of resistance and power struggle, and the reason it’s linked to power is that it holds immense power to understand at much deeper levels. It is the absence of ego, which is always separate and threatened to be isolated.

Below you’ll find some helpful tools in the form of downloadable PDF files. Each tool addresses an area of life and through the process offered, can provide you with a deeper understanding and clarity. Enjoy!