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Group Work

Group Retreats are first and foremost laboratories for safe exploration

Outside of your usual comfort zone, in evening, weekend or longer settings, people can inquire into different topics together. A group setting allows participants to practice honest exposure and receive mirroring through the group and me.

All retreats contain thought-out structures, exercises allowing interaction and inquiry, and support through various meditation and movement techniques. The 3 powerful pillars of Family Constellations, Trauma Healing, and Bio-energetics are usually integral elements of the retreats.

Core retreats

Love Consciousness, a deep exploration of the way we love, bringing important dynamics to light that create healthy relationships.

My Love Shadow, taking a step into the shadow side of love, looking at the ways we need, manipulate and take in love. An important process in honoring our complexity and bringing authenticity into our relationships.

Awakening of Love, a Path of Love retreat, designed to shake the dust off your heart and connect you with the deeper longing of our soul.

The collective power of the group creates an intensity of healing and transformation

When participating in retreats, you have the opportunity to reconnect with your heart, speak your truth, befriend your shadows in a safe environment, and receive tools to bring more awareness and healing into your daily lives.

Retreats focus on relationship dynamics and shadow integration. Participants benefit from the shared power of intention. You can safely practice vulnerability which empowers, learn about yourself and heal.

In hearing others you feel encouraged to share your story, feeling more charged and ready for your life’s journey.

For more information about participating in or organizing retreats, please CONTACT ME.