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Individual Sessions

One-on-one sessions are your place of inquiry, exploration, and healing. It is a space in which you reclaim the trust in your own words and feelings, and begin making choices that feel right to you.

In this process, you also reconnect safely with the past, unresolved trauma, fears, your intuition and your anger; all essential to a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

Here are a few questions clients ask themselves:

  • How can I create more trust in myself and others?
  • What is real in me?
  • I’ve lost my sense of boundaries. How can I reclaim them?
  • How do I resolve significant and traumatic events from my past?
  • Am I deserving of love?
  • Do I have to sacrifice myself in order to have a relationship?
  • The separation from my partner is consuming me. How can I understand what really happened and move beyond it?
  • Fears are running my life. How can I understand and communicate with them in a safe way?
  • How can I allow myself to receive?
  • I need to be seen, but how do I make that happen?
  • I want to become more vulnerable, but how?

If these concerns resonate with you or similar circumstances leave you looking for support and guidance, you’re welcome to be in touch.

You can choose between a 1-time consultation to gain clarity and direction or embark on a process of healing, understanding, and self-discovery.

Price for an Individual Session: 400 NIS or 120 EUR via Skype or similar (125 EUR if paid through PayPal)