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A meeting that touches your soul

My deepest intention is to listen to your soul’s journey and follow its signs

Working with you individually, as a couple or in a group setting, we jointly unravel your becoming, and recognize what seeks healing and nourishment. The pain of your past will become less present, and yet remain a resource allowing your future to take shape.

The hurt of self- betrayal is the fuel which moves you toward acceptance and self-love

Our behavior is not our essence. It is your response to the conflict of your perceived inner and outer world, and a reflection of the best way you found to survive in it. We know when we’re not authentic, and can’t shake the feeling of being untrue to ourselves. It’s a feeling of self-betrayal. We become trapped in being the victim or the hero, and forgo the responsibility for our destiny.

We define ourselves through what we should do and lose touch with what we want, need or are inspired to do.

Your mind, body, unconscious and the mysterious are our partners in the work

The perception of life and ourselves happens on multiple levels: We experience and understand through our mind, our emotions, our body and the mystery of intuition. We are often not taught to allow these filters of experience to educate our sense of self and so we are left with partial vision.

Significant life events may have inhibited access to some filters, and it’s our intention here to reclaim them. Including all filters bears immense potential for understanding and healing.

My work is in service of YOU

  • Working to express and embrace your human complexity
  • Guiding you in the quest for depth and meaning
  • Communicating authentically rather than manipulatively as a sign of self-worth
  • Identifying and healing wounds and trauma affecting your life today
  • Supporting responsible and mature choices strengthening a felt sense of inner integrity
  • Joining your heart, body and mind, and the unknown
  • Understanding and acting on the messages and language of your body
  • Bringing to light the human potential within despite your fears
  • Nourishing vulnerability, simplicity, and wisdom

The holistic therapeutic approach gives you deep access to information and healing

A unique combination of therapeutic worlds and principles gains you access to the deeper dynamics of your life’s unfolding, wounds that require healing, while listening to your soul’s journey.

Family Constellations looks at your family of origin and identifies the dynamics leading you to feel unsettled. This approach carries deep wisdom about the flow of life and works in profound ways to heal hidden dynamics in our family systems. Clarity, love, and a sense of relief are only some of the benefits of this powerful and insightful therapeutic work.

Trauma Healing (Somatic Experiencing™) Trauma impacts your personality as it represses fears and feelings of shame. This body centered approach safely taps into memories stored inside, while returning an integrity to the body that allows an unobstructed flow of energy. The body and psyche are inseparable and unresolved trauma grows roots in both.

Bio-energetics taps into the knowledge of releasing deep emotions that are trapped. Ask yourself, when your body fully expressed itself the last time? Life affirming and essential emotions like passion, desire, anger, fear, and love that express the depth and diversity of life. When these emotions are allowed consciously they create aliveness.

The importance of finding ‘you’ again

Reclaiming the right to speak your truth is always followed by clarity and strength

My work is a lot about authenticity, while not mistaking authenticity with truth. Through authenticity you merely rediscover your right to speak your truth. This includes your light and your darkness, your gifts and shame, your accomplishments and guilt. You regain the invaluable opportunity to understand who you’ve become, as well coming closer to your essence.

At its core, authenticity is about simplicity. Simplicity has a negative connotation for most people as we strive to be special and different. The price paid though is mediocrity and the lack of freedom. We become prisoners of ideals, while losing touch with the richness we are.

It’s easy to lose your rhythm in life and challenging to reclaim it

We often come from environments that teach us the important ability to fit in, which allows us to belong. Trauma interestingly does the same: it colors our perception and we live a life of avoidance in order to remain functioning.

When we over-adapt, something painful happens: We lose our individuality. The path back to finding your own rhythm can be challenging. We suddenly have to decipher which values, needs and goals belong to me, and which to others. We need to release tension trapped by trauma to return wholeness to our experience.

Fall in love with your own human complexity

It can be frightening to discover the many voices residing inside or meet shadows from the past. The therapeutic process will guide you to connect safely with that complexity. Embracing it has a profoundly empowering effect on your sense of authenticity, integrity. It allows you to enjoy a life of deeper relationships with yourself and others.

Every life is a little different … what is yours pointing towards?

Life proves to be an evolving process of finding out who we are, while our conditioning and environment needs us to be static and non-evolving. Every life is a little different and unfolds in its own ways. You will want to recognize and understand your life lessons and follow their healing intention.

I welcome you on a journey together.