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Relationship Counseling

Relationships are an invaluable gift for life

Love relationships may be the place that offer the greatest potential for healing and growth as men and women, but also as human beings.

It is a place where we leave the safe shores of ideals and hopes, practice true listening, learn respect for the opposite sex, and build trust through honesty and commitment. An invaluable gift for life.

Our hopes are high for love to deliver

In love we look for safety, passion, acknowledgement, peace, relaxation, support, friendship, intimacy, freedom, status, continuity, family and more: a list of expectations and hopes predestined to disappoint.

Adding to the complexity, are significant differences in perception and experience as men and women. Differences that require vast amounts of respect and understanding so that we don’t become adversaries, but rather in service of one another.

Satisfying our needs becomes a major challenge

When relationships become based mainly on the satisfaction of needs and the avoidance of fears, they turn into a righteous affair. ‘Who loves or hurts more’ and ‘who gives or receives more’ turn into a competition.

What started out being a need, each partner naturally has, becomes the truth, discounting what each carries from his or her past.

Coming for counseling, alone or together, states the obvious

Coming for counseling as a couple is not trivial and can at times feel risky. It is often an acknowledgement of a rift between partners at its minimum, while sometimes being a last attempt at bridging differences.

Questions that arise are: can we find back to one another? What will ‘making it’ look like? Looking ahead, will things change, can trust be repaired, will my partner change, will it be safer, boring, nourishing or will there be sacrifice?

Taking an honest look. TOGETHER!

We want to find ways to step out of our roles and heal wounds from our past, by taking an honest look at our fears, ideals and patterns. The familiar often feels strangely comfortable,  but carries no benefits for a healthy relationship.

The space offered here for both of you is a sacred one, balanced, open, honest and filled with wisdom.

If the words above resonate with you or similar circumstances leave you looking for support and guidance, you’re welcome to be in touch.

You can choose between a 1-time consultation to gain clarity and direction or embark on a process of healing, understanding and self-discovery.

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Price for a Couple Session: 450 NIS or 135 EUR via Skype (140 EUR if paid through PayPal)