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A Matter of Choice

Weaving your destiny one choice at a time

So much of our lives is about giving and sharing, but do we act from a place of choice or sacrifice, with intention or out of obligation. What motivates our choices significantly impacts how nourished we feel by them. 

No matter whether we choose willingly, against our will, with awareness or without; the choices we make reveal deeper layers of our personality. What unravels is the story of who we believe ourselves to be and how welcome we feel in this life. 

Consider some of these questions:

  • Do I feel worthy and relevant enough to make choices aligned with my inner truth?
  • Can I collaborate with others and ask for support when I make my choices or do I make them silently and in isolation?
  • Am I concerned that my choices put the belonging to my community (family and friends) at risk?
  • Are my choices often overshadowed by guilt, shame, or fear of disappointing others?

There are numerous reasons why we are careful and unsure when making choices. As children, we made choices intuitively, in accordance to what felt right, but these were often judged or shamed and became strategic in the way we choose. Our families and cultures often show us that belonging through sacrificing personal will and avoiding guilt or shame, are safer than being intuitive or bold. As a consequence, we often feel more like victims of circumstance than active participants.  

On this revealing journey, we explore the inner workings and intentions behind our choices. We’ll explore the personal dilemmas we face, which often show us how embedded or separate we feel in life. These dilemmas also provide important insights as to how nourished we are by our choices. The choices we make with intention nourish and strengthen us, while those made out of sacrifice leave us feeling resentful.

This is a journey to unravel the fabric of our conditioning and how we use choices to protect ourselves. Instead, we will learn to make them consciously, meanwhile also expanding our connection to life. The process will shift you away from protection and avoidance, and direct towards choosing with intention and will. 

This weekend is an expansive and empowering practice that will continue to resonate in your everyday life, and support you to bring integrity and responsibility into the relationships with yourself and others.

The work approach that will support this journey …

A rich combination of body-centered methods together with cognitive modalities will allow you to access important personal and collective knowledge around choice. We will engage in unique methods of sharing, use breathwork and bioenergetics, as well as family constellations and Systemic RitualTM. 

Who this process is for …

This retreat will be beneficial to you, if you find that your choices are often not your own or that their outcomes don’t create nourishment and connection inside or out. This process is for people who seek to make choices from an inner clarity and with your heart and where your intention behind them are clear to you. The process does not require any previous group experience. Only the openness to meet yourself in new and uncharted ways.