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Awakening on the Path

Love transforms

Awakening of Love is a profound opening that supports you in reclaiming your voice and power. You will meet yourself in a safe and loving way, and pave the path back to trusting your intuition and reclaiming your clarity.

In this process, we work with a unique combination of meditations, movement and dance, and therapeutic approaches that bring healing to your soul. Living our full potential and purpose are hard-coded into life, and something in us always seeks to live it.

It requires courage and effort to keep our heart open and move out of separation and isolation. Resistance arises when we find ourselves stuck in old patterns and beliefs about our life.

Learning how to face that resistance and return back to our essential self is a gift, which you will receive in this unique process.

  • Imagine no longer needing to pretend to yourself or others

  • Imagine being fully present with yourself and others

  • Imagine listening fully and speaking your truth wholeheartedly

  • Imagine the power of facing your shadow and reclaiming your full integrity

  • Imagine finding the courage to face the unpredictability of life and embrace the changes you go through as a natural reflection of your search

  • Imagine that your longing to express your full potential guides your actions

This work has inspired thousands of people all over the world to create significant shifts in awareness and a lasting bridge to your heart.

By experiencing new levels of silence and presence, you will create a breakthrough and with it a new future.

Join us for this deep exploration of the barriers that keep you from love. Make a lasting commitment to yourself that will create connection and meaning in your life. Everything can happen in these 3 days. All that is needed is your full attention.

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