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Integrating my shadow

What is Shadow work and why should we make the effort to dig into this complex terrain? The reason is simple. We pay a heavy price hiding and repressing parts of our humanity. Our Shadow doesn’t leave any area of life untouched. It’s active in our family dynamics, intimate relationships, friendships, professional lives and most importantly in relationship with ourselves.

It’s hard to feel deserving of love with an active and unexpressed Shadow self that lives within.  The stronger our Shadow is, the less we feel connected to ourselves and to life. Life becomes a game in which we try to keep an upper hand by becoming so sophisticated that even we lose sight of what is real and what isn’t. It blocks the natural flow of life. We are no longer here, but immersed in the past and wanting to control our future. Relaxation and trust are lost.

Our Shadow developed, mostly in unconscious ways, as a result of our fear of feeling pain and shame. Over time we’ve become shapeshifters. We learn to hide our needs, desires and often our strength out of this fear of being shamed, humiliated or seen as weak. It becomes complicated to ask for help and roles are created in which we become victims, strong, successful, over caring or find other sophisticated ways to need ‘safely’ and without been seen as weak.

Interestingly, our Shadow makes us both into victims and perpetrators. We are victims because we are disconnected from our natural strength, and become perpetrators because our manipulative and protective actions will inadvertently hurt others. And the more we hurt others or create misunderstanding, the less deserving of love we feel, which creates an ever deepening cycle of control and hiding.

The work, in this empowering process, is about uncovering the truth of our layered personality. Shadow work is an act of self-love and love begins to emerge when we are able to look at and hold with compassion who we’ve become. It’s about accepting our deeply divided and dualistic nature originating from our both our needs for belonging and to be free as individual beings.

In this process we want to speak truth and experience its healing effect. Truth is choice-less by nature. Just like history is the way it is, our personality is the complex web of who we’ve become today.

Completion is a process that supports you in befriending the darkness that has developed around. We become more comfortable to look at the intricate web of effort and manipulations that seek to make life safe for us, and move into our heart area where we find compassion and understanding for this need for protection. But we also connect to the longing to be free, honest, and take responsibility for what we need and feel.

Techniques and work method

This process will be interactive and experiential. For every theme we cover, there will be a short theoretical introduction followed by individual or group work. Sharings, different forms of inquiry, family constellation, bio-energetics, and movement will form the basis of our work together.

Who this process is for …

This workshop will benefit people who know the limiting pain of living with shame and guilt. It is for those who want to meet and embrace parts in themselves that cause isolation in their own heart and keep them distant from others. It’s for those, who want to step into their true strength and essential nature.
Join this empowering and insightful process and create a new foundation of relating with your own self.

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