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Love Consciousness

A deep exploration of the way we love in romantic relationships

This retreat is all about bringing important dynamics to light that create healthy relationships. The retreat is a deep exploration of the true benefits and the healing power of relationships, and also into the ideas and ideals that keep us from love. We explore and inquire into the obstacles we face due to our conditioning, and develop the foundation that allows mature love to grow inside us. A love that is aware and responsible; a love that is based on respect and deep understanding.

In this process inquire to find out what seeks to heal in our lives instead of getting lost in hopes, expectation, demands, and manipulations that make up most relationships. We look at how important it is to express our needs towards our partners and experience the powerful impact the ‘principle of balance’ has on our relationships.

The process has a lot to do with the courage to speak our truth. If we cannot express and expose who we are and where we are to ourselves and others, then love shrinks and creates distance. Together we create an authentic and respectful meeting between us as men and women. One that allows respect and understanding for the differences, and lets them be a source of nourishment and growth for both sides.

Who this process is for …

This workshop will benefit people who seek to connect authentically and truthfully in relationships. It is for those who wish to be lead by their hearts and by the longing for truth. The process is suitable for singles and couples.

Join this deep and insightful process and create a new foundation of relating.

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