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My Love Shadow

Taking a step into the shadow side of love

This retreat takes a closer and loving look at the ways we need, manipulate and take in love. An important process in honoring our complexity and bringing authenticity into our relationships. We really do want to love and be loved. It is the most essential and natural feeling we have. But then we mess it up. We lose the very connection we so much long for, and ask ourselves ‘how could love fail, maybe once again?’.

So what happened? What we wanted in our heart is not reflected in our actions. We create competition and feel disrespect towards our partners. Our fears run deep and are mostly unconscious. They play out in complex and twisted ways and distance us from what we long for.

Many negative aspects of our personality go into hiding. They are hidden from our own awareness. Those unwanted parts we recognize we try to hide from others. Through self-judgment and a lack of self-love, patterns develop that drive us into manipulation for the sake of being loved. But when we cheat ourselves into the hearts of others we never truly feel deserving and safe.

In this deeply nourishing and healing workshop, we work with our relationship shadow. Hand in hand with our shadow we move closer, step by step, in understanding and embracing it. We learn to befriend our shadows instead of hiding and judging them. This creates space in our heart and grows a love for ourselves. And that is the basis for accepting and receiving love from others.

We can finally be truthful to ourselves and our partners. We are building the foundation of love. Mutual growth, respect, and friendship lead the way.

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