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Work With Me

Letting your future take shape and making the past less present

Our sense of well-being is impacted in many ways. By the way, we choose, what is hidden or repressed, how we manipulate relationships, what we give and how we receive, and through the pain caused by repeating patterns.

A past, less impacted by trauma, shame, and guilt, makes you available to experience your life more fully and deeply. By healing the past, your choices become grounded in strength and feel aligned with a truer reflection of yourself.

In the work together we seek acceptance of what is present in your life, and gradually expand your capacity to contain more. We do this in part by reducing the charge residing inside your body and mind, resulting in more balance and flow.

Individual sessions, relationship counseling, and retreats

In both the sessions and retreats, my intention is to jointly understand the pain and wounds you carry, while uncovering the intention of your soul. People who seek the spaces I create are often between their late 20’s and into their early 50’s.

It is a time of figuring out how to combine a growing inner complexity with an outer manifestation of who you are.

A time also characterized by questions of meaning, unraveling traumas, relationships, and separations, successes and failures, the abandonment of old ideals and acquirement of new ones, all of which are driven by a key force in life: fear.

A space void of judgment, equipped with a strong analytical and methodological foundation is waiting for you and will accompany you on a journey of understanding and healing.