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“The privilege of a lifetime
is to become who
you truly are.”

C.G. Jung


Safe, loving and respectful environments support you to deepen the awareness of your life’s unfolding and nourish self-love and acceptance.

About Milan

About Milan

Psychosomatic Therapy

Milan supports people in safe, loving and respectful environments to deepen the awareness of their life’s unfolding while nourishing self-love and acceptance.

His work emphasizes the relationships we create with our family of origin, in our love relationships, with our children and in our professional lives. He works with individuals and couples in his clinic in Tel-Aviv or via Skype, and leads therapy and personal growth workshops across Europe.

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Love Consciousness

A deep exploration into the way we love, bringing important dynamics to light that create healthy relationships.

My Love Shadow

An important process in honoring our complexity and bringing authenticity into our relationships.

Man and Woman

An in-depth 8 evenings exploration into relationships.  Starting Feb 2019 at the Urban Shaman.

A Personal Review of a Summit on Collective Trauma

'Trauma' is a big word and deserves to be normalized in our everyday language as it is more prevalent in our lives than we think. Collective trauma specifically was the theme of an 8-day online summit, that included excellent speakers, organised by Thomas Huebl....

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The World Needs Empowered Women Who Love Men

The ‘Almost' Impossible Dialogue Between Us — Women and Men This article seeks to initiate a dialogue between us, men and women. One, in which each side takes responsibility for its part of the hardship and opens an understanding heart for the other. Its purpose is...

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To Love Truth, We Must Acknowledge Light and Darkness Within

Speaking My Truth Doesn’t Change a Thing, But It Does Create Connection With a little painful smile at the age of 52, I can say that I’m a person who’s often impatient and dissatisfied. Characteristics have developed through the course of my life. Those close to me...

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